Indonesia Public Holidays 2013 Calendar | Holidays in Indonesia 2013

List of Indonesia Public Holidays 2013 Calendar | Holidays in Indonesia 2013


01 (Tuesday) – New Year’s Day

24 (Thursday) – Mawlid


10 (Sunday) – Chinese New Year (biggest holiday in Asia, known as ‘Imlek’ in Indonesia)


12 (Tuesday) – Hari Raya Nyepi (New Year of Bali)

24 (Sunday) – Maulidur Rasul

24-29 (Sunday-Friday) – Holy Week

29 (Friday) – Good Friday




09 (Thursday) – Ascension Day

25 (Saturday) – Waisak (biggest Buddhist holiday of the year)


06 (Thursday) – Isra Miraj




07/08 – (Wednesday/Thursday) – Lebaran/Idul Fitri
17 (Saturday) – Independence Day




15 (Tuesday) – Eid al Adha


05 (Tuesday) – Muharram


25 (Wednesday) – Christmas

Indonesia is a beautiful and diverse country and a very popular travel destination in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is home to such beautiful places as Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, etc. Indonesia is also the biggest archipelago (chain of islands) in the world and the 4th biggest country in the world by population (after China, USA, and India).

Indonesia Holidays Travel

If you are planning to travel to Indonesia, I would recommend attending one of the many festivals that take place all over the country throughout the year. One popular festival is the Jakarta Fair, which lasts about a month and takes place in the Summer during June and July.

If you are planning a trip to Bali, the most attractive tourist destination in Indonesia, be sure to visit during a time when it is not very crowded. If possible, do not visit Bali during the months of July, August, and December as it can get extremely crowded. But no matter when you visit, you are bound to have a good time since Bali truly is paradise on earth.

One of the biggest Indonesia holidays of the year is Hari Raya Nyepi, which usually takes place in March and celebrates the start of the new year in Bali. During the holiday, there are tons of festivals all over Bali which are excellent destinations for tourists.

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