Java Jazz Festival 2013

Java Jazz Festival 2013 will take place next March and will be one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world, as it has been for the past 7 years. It will be held in Jakarta at the JIExpo, the same place where the Jakarta Fair is held every June and July. It once once held at the Jakarta convention center in Senayan but moved to JIExpo in 2010. Unlike the Jakarta Fair though, which lasts about one month, the Java Jazz Festival only lasts about 3 days. If you are a fan of Jazz music, I would highly recommend attending as the festival contains performances from some of the most prominent names in Jazz music.

Java Jazz Festival 2013
In 2012, many world-famous artists performed at the festival including Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, and many more. The Festival’s motto is “Bringing The World to Indonesia”, and it truly lives up to it. The event not only allows international musicians to be exposed to Indonesia, but also local indonesian musicians to be exposed to an international audience. The purpose of the festival is to promote peace and harmony through Jazz music.

Java Jazz Festival Lineups

Jazz fans usually tend to be relatively old but the Java Jazz Festival attracts people of almost all age groups, especially teenagers. The festival also attracts a lot of tourism to Indonesia, which helps its economy. The 2013 artist lineup has not been released yet but the 2012 lineup was one of the best in the history of the festival and the 2013 lineup will probably be even better. So if you are a Jazz fan, then be sure to do whatever you can to attend Java Jazz Festival 2013!

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  1. Would like to bring a group of around 30 Committee Members from The WORLD YOUTH JAZZ FESTIVAL Putrajaya Malaysia to JJF 2013. Please advise best way to do it to include airfares, hotels and tickets plus ground transportation if possible. No meals except for breakfast at hotel rquired.

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