Singapore Holidays 2013 Calendar | Holidays in Singapore 2013

List of Singapore holidays 2013 | Holidays in Singapore 2013:

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* Public Holidays Are in Bold
** Long Weekends Are Underlined

Holiday Name
January 1 (Tuesday) First Day of New Year
February 9-12 (4-Day weekend from Saturday-Tuesday) Chinese New Year
February 14 (Thursday) Valentine’s Day
February 15 (Friday) Total Defense Day
March 8 (Friday) International Women’s Day
March 20 (Wednesday) Vernal Equinox
March 24 – 30 (Sunday – Saturday) Holy Week
March 29-31 (3-Day weekend from Friday-Sunday) Good Friday
March 31 (Sunday) Easter
May 1 (Wednesday) Labor Day
May 12 (Sunday) Mother’s Day
May 18 (Saturday) International Museum Day
May 24-26 (3-Day weekend from Friday-Sunday) Vesak Day
June 12 (Wednesday) Dragon Boat Festival
June 16 (Sunday) Father’s Day
July 1 (Monday) Armed Forces Day
July 7 (Sunday) Youth Day
July 21 (Sunday) Racial Harmony Day
August 8 (Thursday) Hari Raya Puasa
August 9 (4-Day Weekend from Thursday-Sunday) Singapore Independence Day
September 2 (Monday) Teacher’s Day
October 4 (Friday) Children’s Day
October 15 (Tuesday) Hari Raya Haji
November 2-4 (3-Day weekend from Saturday-Monday) Deepavali
December 24 (Tuesday) Christmas Eve
December 25 (Wednesday) Christmas
December 31 (Tuesday) Eve of New Year

Travelling For the Holidays in Singapore 2013

Due to Singapore’s diverse people and cultures, there will be quite a few Singapore holidays 2013 (at least one almost every month) that are observed and celebrated all throughout the year. Then city-state of Singapore consists of Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists, so there are many Singapore holidays that although are very important to one of those religions, they are not given the status of a “public holiday”. The three major holidays of those religions (Vesak, Christmas, and Hari Raya Puasa) are indeed given the status of “public holiday”, which means schools and offices are closed on those days.

If you’re planning on going to spend your holidays in Singapore in 2013, then be sure to start preparing and planning your trip as soon as possible because it is never too early to start preparing. During Singapore holidays 2013, there will be lots of people booking hotels and flights, which can cause the prices to go much higher than normal. That is why it is best to book early so you don’t have to pay those higher prices.

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