Vietnam Holidays 2013 Calendar | Holidays in Vietnam 2013

List of Vietnam Holidays 2013 Calendar | Holidays in Vietnam 2013


01 (Tuesday) – New Year’s Day


09-14 (Saturday – Thursday) – Tet/Lunar New Year
24 (Sunday) – Lantern Festival


08 (Friday) – International Women’s Day


19-21 (Friday – Sunday) – Hung King Festival
30 (Tuesday) – Liberation Day


01 (Wednesday) – Labor Day
17 (Friday) – Vesak Day
19 (Sunday) – Ho Chi Minh’s Birthday


01 (Saturday) – International Children’s Day
12 (Wednesday) – Mid-Year Festival
28 (Friday) – Vietnamese Family Day


27 (Saturday) – Remembrance Day


19 (Monday) – August Revolution Commemoration Day
21 (Wednesday) – Hungry Ghost Festival


02 (Monday)- Independence Day
19 (Thursday) – Mid-Autumn/Mooncake Festival


10 (Thursday) – Capital Liberation Day
20 (Sunday) – Vietnamese Women’s Day


20 (Wednesday) – Teacher’s Day


22 (Sunday) – National Defense Day
25 (Wednesday) – Christmas

Travelling For Holidays in Vietnam 2013

Going abroad solo is never the best idea. By booking your holidays in Vietnam, you are able to get the most up to date information on the location in which you have decided to travel. You have direct contact to a plethora of services that will allow you to have essential knowledge on all of the major points of interest, tourist locations, great dining and entertainment locations and so much more. You are not only advised on the best places to go, but you are advised on any places to avoid as well.

All of your accommodations are pre-made and secured with well reputable business and/or locations. You do not have to worry about flight confusion or hotel bookings being lost. You know you will have a room, a car and the knowledge of all of the locations that you will be exploring. This is all in your hands before you ever leave, so you can enjoy your trip knowing that you have a team of professionals handling all of the odds and ends of the holiday. Advisers are always there if you need them for anything.

All of the possible need-to-know cultural differences, laws and other socially acceptable or unacceptable behaviors to the region are made known before you arrive. You will know if you need any immunizations or documents before you leave for the trip, and your trip adviser will stay in touch with you the whole time.

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When you book Vietnam holidays it is all about you, your enjoyment and the well being of you and your traveling companions. Travel advisers have first hand knowledge and information on the region, and they can provide bilingual guides that they work closely with in the local areas that you will be traveling. The list could go on and on about why to book Vietnam holidays, but only three words can summarize it in its entirety. Those are location, adventure and culture!

Holidays in Vietnam have a lot to offer. There are the Halong Islands that you will find truly enchanting. Then there is the charming culture in the streets filled with friendly locals and street merchants. There is so much culture and friendliness in this vast, populated yer lush and wild land that you will be left craving more.

There are quaint placed to eat, and the service is comparable to one other. Guides are readily available to help you along your journey, and they aim to make it a fantastic adventure that you will never forget.

Traveling to Vietnam is so affordable that it is almost unbelievable, but these deals wont last long. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or in a group, Vietnam has a package that you will love. It will be filled of fun things to do, and you are guaranteed to experience the trip of a lifetime.

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